11 mars 2020

Serie of 15 images, 2019-2020

Residency Project at ENSP School of Photography Arles

LIMBO, lat. “limbus”, border, situation or condition not well defined, uncertain, randomness, uncertainty, indecision, suspension, vagueness

Living in Venice is like living in a limbo between land and sea, a space full of tensions and doubts. You may find yourself in a state of waiting, in a space of inaction, suspended on a tightrope between the present and the future, hanging on the contours of things and the world. You may find yourself on the edge of hell, where nothing happens and where you are waiting for a future different from what has remained beyond, in the past.

As if we were on the dock of a huge ship in the middle of the ocean, survivors of numerous sinking, we silently wait the dawn of a new era. The water rises, rejoins the land and from this disaster a new cohesion is born, like the union of two edges of skin after an operation.